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Ticino is a Latin land

The Romans brought the vine to Ticino and left important constructions
(towns, bridges, and Alpine passes) behind them. The names of a number
of towns such as Vico-Morcote are proof of this.
After the Romans, many peoples tried to conquer Ticino because
of its strategic location, and a number of battles were fought, until it became
a Swiss canton in 1803. The culture and traditions of Ticino are the result
of a combination of influences which make this canton unique.
The southernmost canton of Switzerland, Ticino is the only one where
Italian is the main language, and it enjoys Switzerland's best climate and
is known as the Swiss Mediterranean with altitude from 200 to over 3000 a.s.l.
Here you can enjoy the cleanliness, security, and calm of Switzerland,
and the warmth and friendliness of Italy amid a beautiful landscape
of small lakes surrounded by mountains. Tessin is easy to reach,
thanks to the international airport of Lugano.
There are also good connections to Milan by train.


The largest city in Tessin, the fourth most-important financial center
of Switzerland.
Situated in the heart of a striking landscape between the mountains
and beside a lake it offers possibilities of water pursuits as well as
hiking in the hills.
It is also a very good place for shopping, with many boutiques
which carry all the the brand.


On the edge of Lake Major this is the sunniest city of Switzerland.
Here in 1929, the famous peace conference took place, that tried to
stabilise the world situation after WWI.
Like Lugano, it offers the advantages of both the lake and the mountains,
plus some fantastic rivers between the mountain, where relax during
the hot days in the summer, very well know by different tourists even those
place are not always easy to find. In summer the city organizes an excellent
movie festival that shouldn't be missed.

Activities and resources

Ticino offer many activity, walking in the Mountain, around the Lake,
boat sailing and skiing.
The night life is not missing, with restaurants and night club If you like to
change area, just take a train and in less than one hour you are in Milano,
the capital of fashion and the main city in Northern Italy, or jump
in a plane and in an hour you've reached Paris, Bruxel, Vienna e Roma.
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80 m2
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Brione sopra Minusio
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Vico Morcote Lago
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119 m2 m2
Lugano Bré
CHF 590'000
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